AmTrust partners with a Medical Coding MNC for their NCLEX-RN processing requirements

AmTrust has entered into an agreement with a US based medical coding provider MNC with 8500+ employees strength to assist with their NCLEX-RN processing requirements for their employees. The pilot batch has already started their processing. AmTrust was selected based on our efficiency, transparency, and quality of processing. We hope to have a long and fruitful association with the corporation for their processing requirements

Ultra Fast Processing With No Additional Processing Charges

AmTrust has been supporting Ultra Fast Processing options For NCLEX RN. We can assure you an ATT within 2-3 months without any extra processing service charges. We have more than 200 customers now who have opted for Fast Processing options. Some have received ATT under 2 months time frame! Please get back to us to know the details and the applicable Terms & Conditions