Ultra Fast Processing With No Additional Processing Charges

AmTrust has been supporting Ultra Fast Processing options For NCLEX RN. We can assure you an ATT within 2-3 months without any extra processing service charges. We have more than 200 customers now who have opted for Fast Processing options. Some have received ATT under 2 months time frame! Please get back to us to know the details and the applicable Terms & Conditions

Buddy Referral Program

AmTrust Buddy Referral Program

AmTrust is pleased to announce a Buddy Gets Buddy Referral program, with immediate effect. So gear up, and refer your friends, and be rewarded.

Terms & Conditions

1. The Buddy Gets Buddy Referral  is launched from 23rd October 2018.

2. The referral is applicable, only if the name is filled in the candidate’s profile sheet in the reference field.  Only one person is eligible for referral bonus

3. Referral bonus is Rs.1000/- for each candidate referred

4. There is no limit for the referral bonus. For example, if you can refer 10 candidates, your processing charges for a US RN Application Processing, are virtually zero, based on current charges on 23rd October 2018

5. Only a candidate who has paid the processing charges, and is currently in processing state is eligible for referral bonus

6. The referral bonus will be subsequently subtracted from any future payments to be given by the candidate.

7. In case of any disputes, the decision of AmTrust RN Application Processing will be final.

NCLEX restructuring highly likely by 2019 beginning

Every three years RN exam pattern undergoes a massive restructuring. So in all possibility, there is going to be a pattern change from 2019 March on wards. Last restructuring was carried out in 2016 March. It will be a good idea to undergo the licensure exam by 2019 March for the aspiring candidates. The pattern change could adversely affect the exam passing rate if we go by the lessons from the past restructuring exercises. The processing needs to be started without delay to keep the exam timelines with current pattern and avoid ambiguity

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