What is the differentiating factor for AmTrust compared to other licensing agencies?

  • We have dedicated personnel working on your application and give you guidance that will simplify your  NCLEX  RN application and thus avoid guesswork, and complex confusing  processing headaches.
  • Our dedicated Experts understand the process for different BONs. With our simple approach, not only will you avoid mistakes, omissions and unnecessary errors, you will also obtain your  NCLEX   approval without stress or headache.
  • We ensure that you have complete peace of mind. You will be given an account page with credentials in http:/www.amtrust.in where in the status of your processing is updated frequently. In addition, we provide you updates through e-mails, text messages and whatsapp messages frequently. We have no hidden charges as other licensing agencies, and you can have a 100 % transparent experience.
  • For those of you that have “special issues” with your  NCLEX  application, your assigned  Expert can absolutely help you. All of our Specialists know how to work  with you in special cases where you have issues or deficiencies.
  • No other licensing companies can match the   services we provide. Applying with us means that you will have a  Processing Expert   working with you step-by-step, to make your  NCLEX  application process as simple and effort-less as possible. You can focus on your core area of studies, and thus be a winner