What are the benefits of using AmTrust  services?

  1. We will handle as much of the difficult, complex and confusing work that would normally be required of you to apply for NCLEX. We will devote much of our time simplifying   processes that will get you your NCLEX License.
  2. Experienced personnel will be assigned to work on your unique application needs and will form a smooth working relationship with you.
  3. Your Expert will also maintain constant contact with your professional regulatory board, credential service authorities, testing centers and other third-party agencies to keep you informed and updated as to the status of your NCLEX application until your Authorization to Test is issued.
  4. You will be apprised of the progress continuously, and each case will have a unique page in our website so that you can know your current processing stage
  5. We will simplify   the credential verification preliminary paperwork, application, forms and verification requests, needed to get you approved for NCLEX.
  6. We understand that every candidate has different or unique circumstances, and we will customize our processing step to suit each unique case
  7. Our simplified step-by-step guidance and easy instructions are purposely designed to eliminate  your confusion, guesswork and head-scratching.