How much can an applicant expect to pay?

The NCLEX Regulatory Authorities listed below charge certain applicable fees so as to  review and approve your background papers. We merely collect these fees and pay on your behalf to the institutions mentioned below.  We do this to insulate you from the payment complications.  For those candidates who would like to pay on their own, we support those options as well where ever possible. Our motto is to make the whole process very CONVENIENT and FAST for you.  Our NCLEX Service Fee includes assistance and guidance services including the credentials evaluations application which is very complicated, time consuming and difficult to accomplish. It is an ALL-INCLUSIVE Price but you are still responsible for the payment of the institutional fees listed below. There are no lump sum payments.  We make the request for payment during each step. We are completely transparent in all our financial transactions, and all the payment receipts are made available to you, where ever applicable. So be assured that You are dealing with a firm with high ethical standards, and each and every penny is accounted for.


  1. CGFNS (varies) – $450-upwards or ERES (varies) – $480-upwards or Josef Silny & Associates (Varies)- $400-upwards depending on your educational background.
  2. Criminal Background Agencies – Varies – $60 – upwards
  3. BON – Varies – $107 – upwards
  4. NCLEX Exam Fee – $200+Tax – upwards
  5. NCLEX Scheduling Fee – $150+Tax – upwards depending on the location

Our service fee is due at the time of application. The service fee includes the following:

  1. Pre-Qualification & Evaluation Analysis
  2. Checklist Requirements To Prevent Errors
  3. CGFNS / ERES Credentials Verification
  4. NCLEX Application Preparation
  5. Legal/FBI Background Verification
  6. NCLEX Application Processing
  7. NCLEX Exam Registration
  8. NCLEX Exam Scheduling at a location and time of your choice
  9. Free  Step-By-Step Guidance
  10. Free Tracking &  Alert Services
  11. Free Follow-Ups
  12. Assistance and Step-By-Step Guidance by an Expert through out the processing