How long is the application processing going to take?


This of course varies from candidate to candidate and greatly depends on your background, the credential evaluation agency which you chose, and the complexity of your application.  If you have special issues or deficiencies in requirements, it can take longer. We have a three-level rigorous review process in place for each application submitted, and thus ensure that the documentation we do is flawless. However in steps which are beyond our control including transcripts, we have observed that there could be deficiencies, which warrant re-processing. We mitigate this risk through regular follow-ups and as soon as an issue is notified, will restart the processing after requesting due rectifications.

Every applicant has different application needs and unique circumstances. Typically the process will take anywhere from 2 to 10 months just to be safe. If you are willing to avail rush service from regulatory bodies with extra charges, then the processing time can be drastically reduced to 2 months or even less. We do not charge extra for rush service processing. However, we cannot guarantee time estimates since it’s the professional regulatory board that issues NCLEX Licenses. Rest assured that AmTrust will be there to help you in each step with constant follow-ups to regulatory bodies and status updates to you. For us, all applications are priority, and all are dealt with equal high priority, and care. We assure no delay from our side.