Why are you not sharing my credentials to verify the progress on my own?

We have credentials (user id and passwords for various regulatory agencies) sharing policy in place strictly keeping in mind the integrity of the entire RN processing procedure. So request all applicants to bear with us until the eligibility is issued. This policy is drafted to avoid any inadvertent processing corruptions and delays. As soon as the processing is completed, all the credentials are shared with the candidate and data kept in our secure servers are deleted, in accordance with our data security policy.

We are at most transparent in all our processes. The progress of processing including any issues are informed to the applicants in real time. So once the processing is entrusted to us, you can relax. You can always check back with us for any specific status update clarifications. If in case you would like to call up the regulatory authority like credentialing agency, or nursing board and give a push on your own, we are open to that as well. We will share you the phone numbers, steps, and the id numbers which you can use.